The Making of our Homegrown Salve

I've created a really special and unique herbal salve, and wanted to share the "behind the scenes" making of it with you!

Our new and limited-edition Homegrown Salve is near and dear to me. For one, all of the plants were harvested fresh from our property! Grown organically, sustainably, and locally. I collected twelve different botanicals from around our home ~ a mixture of herbs, flowers, wild plants, and tree clippings. {first photo}

The plants (in no particular order) are: St. John's Wort, ginkgo, yarrow, cedar, sage, lavender, clover blossoms, blackberry leaves, oregano, spruce tips, lemon balm, and rosemary.¬†ūüĆŅ

Then, I wilted the plants for several days (the heat wave helped quicken this process!) until they were mostly dry. {second photo}

Next, I minced the plants very, very finely so that more surface area would be exposed which helps the plants infuse better and more quickly, and I solar dried this mixture until it was completely dry. {third photo shows plants just before mincing and further drying}


Then, I infused the dried botanicals with organic olive oil over low heat for several days. Once infused, I strained the botanicals out, and melted in beeswax, cocoa butter, vit e oil, and rosemary antioxidant.

The result is a golden yellow and beautiful salve, which smells like herbs and trees and wild plants and the garden all in one!  It turned out so nice, and it will come in so handy! You'll be able to use it for all sorts of things from minor cuts, abrasions, and other skin needs to rough and dry hands and knees.

Thank you for joining me to see the process, I hope that you enjoyed this little sneak peek inside the makings of this salve!

If you'd like to order one for yourself, here is a link to the product listing (note this is a limited-edition product and will be gone once it sells out)!

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