Discover Your Skin Type

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Not sure what your skin type is? We're here to help! Here's a quick and easy guide to help you determine your skin type and discover the best ways to care for it. If you feel as though you fit into more than one of the categories, you're not alone! This is common, and just as we are all unique human beings, our skin is unique to us as well. You may also realize that your skin type and your skin's needs change throughout the year. For example, you may have normal skin during the spring and summer months, and dry skin during the cold fall and winter months.
  • NORMAL SKIN: Lucky you! Normal skin is naturally well balanced - not too dry, not too oily, often free of acne, and pores are normal in size. Most of Fawn Lily Botanica's product line can be used by those with normal skin to help keep their skin nourished, balanced, healthy, and glowing.
  • OILY SKIN: If you have medium-large pores in your T-zone, your face feels oily within a couple hours of washing, your pores clog easily, and you may be prone to acne, then your skin type is likely oily. The good news is that your skin is not prone to fine lines and wrinkles like other skin types (hurray!).
  • DRY SKIN: Dry skin often becomes tight after washing, has small pores, may contain flaky patches, develops fine lines and wrinkles more quickly than other skin types, may feel itchy or irritated at times, and is especially vulnerable to colder temperatures and harsher weather conditions. Those with dry skin need to use delicate, nourishing, and gentle products which moisturize, hydrate, and protect.
  • SENSITIVE SKIN: Sensitive skin can be reactive to many ingredients, and may develop a rash, irritation, or redness after using common ingredients and products. Those with sensitive skin often also have dry skin, their skin is greatly affected by weather conditions, dry air, and colder temperatures in addition to being sensitive to many ingredients. Sensitive skin requires gentle and non-irritating ingredients, and products without artificial fragrances and synthetic ingredients are best.
  • MATURE SKIN: Mature skin often contains fine lines and wrinkles, tends to be dry but can also be normal or oily, and is especially vulnerable to colder temperatures and harsher weather conditions.  For those with mature skin, you'll want to use products which nourish, moisturize, and protect the skin.
  • COMBINATION SKIN: If you have areas which feel dry and other areas which are oily, then you likely have combination skin. Often, the T-zone will be oily, contain larger pores, and will be more prone to acne, whereas the cheeks will feel dry. Combination skin can be tricky, but we've formulated a line of gentle, nourishing, and balancing products to assist.

Ready to find the ideal products for your skin type? We've made it simple to shop our top picks for your skin type. However, our entire line has been formulated to be gentle and nourishing for all skin types, so don't be afraid to try something different.  And, if you're still unsure of which products would be best for you, please send Irene (Owner + Maker) an email or message for personalized assistance to find the perfect skincare products for you!