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Excellent already ordering second bottle!

Love ❤️ makes my skin soft and glowy!

Excellent--love it!!

This is an excellent product, especially if your skin needs a little boost. It seals moisture in without feeling heavy or looking shiny—and the scent is lovely. I use it layered over serum. I think many people would use it at night, but in the winter I often use it in the daytime too. And as always, top quality ingredients.


I've been using fawn-lily products now for over a year. The face oils and this exfoliating scrub have been my absolute favorite. I use their cleansers, face oils, sponges and now this new scrub. So nice to have products without chemicals!

Not just for your face

I find your products that contain Bakuchiol (the retinol substitute) to be useful on my hands as well s my face. My hands look better and healthier since I started using your serum on them. Thank you!

A Beautiful Facial Serum!

I really enjoy this serum! It is the perfect oil for dry skin that needs that extra moisture and loving touch! The fragrance is beautiful and leaves my skin silky all day!

Lauren G.
On the Spot! Dry Dark Itchy

These are some of the best products I’ve ever used! They perform as they should. Consistency is key! Love ‘Em❤️

Great chapstick

This chapstick is great!
The texture, the scent/taste/smell and how long it last. And the different shape of tube is nice.
Thank-you. Will be interesting in buying again.

Amazing quality

The first time using your products, thank-you for the quality.
This essential oil mist is working wonderfully for me. I am in a chapter of life that is quite devastating and was seeking some natural remedies to help keep balanced enough to make it through the storm.
I love the oil spray, has the natural wilderness kind of aroma.

Geranium + Argan Botanical Facial Serum

I have been using this serum for several years. My skin looks and feels so much more hydrated. Definitely can't live without it.

Pretty combo

I'm enjoying the silky facial sponge and bamboo holder. The sponge is very soft and the holder is very cute. Makes a cute gift too. I use a dab of cleanser and the sponge makes me feel pampered.

Very lovely

Best serum ever!

This is my third bottle. Love it sooo much!!!

Haven't found anything better!

I have been using this facial wash daily, 2x/day for many, many years. It is the only thing I have tried that really works for me. I have dry skin and I am 72 years old and my skin is in pretty good shape. I highly recommend this.

Love it!

I’m so impressed with this serum. I have very sensitive eczema prone skin and this is very gentle and soothing and it leaves my skin looking good. I'm using the unscented one. I know it takes some time to see the full benefit, but cosmetically it looks better right away. It also works well in combination with the other oil serums. Great product at a fair price!

Love all of the products I've purchased!!

Botanical Facial Balm

This facial balm adds an extra layer of moisturizing to my face. I use it in the morning and the evening along with the facial serum.
A wonderful product that helps keep my skin healthy and vibrant!

Favorite Face Wash

This face wash has become a must have for me. My adult daughter was visiting over the holidays and forgot her face wash. She borrowed this face wash, begged to take it home and now I have to buy extras to send to her. My entire face care routine is Fawn Lily Botanica and I love every product I have tried.

My Favorite Treat

I love to treat myself to the Serum of the Month. Every time it is an amazing serum that hydrates my skin for the time of the year. I have never gotten one that wasn’t awesome and the next month is always something even better!

Awesome blend

I love the plum, sage and flower blend!!!

Love this product

I have incredibly dry skin, to the point that it almost feels painfully dry. This product is instant relieve and moisture for me. I put on every night. Thanks

MaryJane B.
Awesome Product!!!

When I went to place my most recent order, the item I usually buy was out of stock, so I tried something new, and glad I did! I should have known that ANYTHING made by Fawn Lily would be of exceptional, unsurpassed quality. I mean, even their packaging and presentation is hands-down the best I've come across. But here's the thing with Fawn Lily: I don't get to shop as often as I'd like because their products last forever (if you don't believe me, try some of their lip balms), no doubt the result of very conscious recipes and oversight. In other words, Fawn Lily products are a bargain. Don't fall for the latest hype about facial anything. Fawn Lily products are one of the kindest things I do for my skin and my pocketbook.

5 Stars

Maemae, Thank you for the 5 star review, we appreciate it! ~ Irene (Owner + Maker), Fawn Lily Botanica