Pure Botanical Goods for Beautiful Skin

We merge traditional herbalism + modern research to create botanical-based cosmetics that actually work.

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Fawn Lily Botanica was designed for those with very sensitive skin, Irene founder

Fawn Lily Botanica is a unique line of handcrafted artisanal botanical skincare products. Our specialty is creating exquisite, unique, gentle, and effective formulas utilizing the powerful properties of plants for balanced, beautiful, healthy, and radiant skin for all skin types!

We really shine when it comes to making products for those with sensitive skin ~ which means that our products are gentle & pure enough for everyone to use.

Our products are carefully made by hand in-house from organic, sustainable, ethically harvested, and locally grown or foraged ingredients according to time-honored and traditional methods of medicine making. We use only the very best ingredients because what you put on your skin affects your entire body + mind.

With over 25 years of experience making skincare and herbal preparations, our unique formulas are expertly created. Every ingredient is intentional and utilized because of it's herbal and skin care properties. There are no fillers in our products, only pure and active botanical ingredients.

Thank you for visiting our shop & taking the time to explore our product offerings, we truly appreciate it!

- Irene (Owner , Formulator + Chief Maker)

Concentrated plant powered skincare products without fillers or synthetic ingredients, toxin-free

Concentrated Formulas

No Fillers or Fluff

We spent years formulating the purest skincare imaginable, designed to nourish, repair, balance & revitalize with active botanical & plant-based ingredients.

Fawn Lily Botanica's products merge herbalism with skin care for the ultimate plant power

No Synthetic Anything

As Nature Intended

Merging traditional herbalism with modern skin care, our unique blends are made in-house from the highest quality organic, fair trade, raw, unrefined, sustainably sourced, and ethically collected ingredients from around the globe.

Fawn Lily Botanica | natural and gentle plant-based skincare for sensitive skin, natural skin care routine to balance

We Began Our Line When

Nothing Else Worked

When every natural and mainstream product didn't work for her sensitive skin, Irene (owner + founder), formulated our line ~ leaning into herbalism + years working within the natural products industry.

Fawn Lily Botanica's skincare products toxin-free, free of synthetics, chemicals, parabens

Based Upon Years of Research, Testing & Science

Plant-Powered Formulas for Healthy Skin

We spent years formulating the purest skincare imaginable, designed to nourish, repair, balance & revitalize. Each ingredient is intentionally chosen for it's beneficial skincare properties.

  • natural ingredients and natural skin care products from Fawn Lily Botanica
  • Fawn Lily Botanica is not tested on animals. Natural organic sustainable skin care made from plant-based herbal botanical ingredients.
  • No synthetic colors in Fawn Lily Botanica products. Natural skin care with real plants, herbs, and botanicals for natural colorants.
  • No synthetic fragrances in Fawn Lily Botanica products. Only pure and organic essential oils in our botanical plant-based herbal skin care products.
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