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Welcome to the Serum of the Month! 

Every month, we create an exclusive facial serum available only by pre-order and subscription!* These unique and creative combinations are specially formulated to correspond with each month since our skin's needs can change throughout the year. Formulated and handcrafted by Irene (Fawn Lily Botanica's owner + maker). This is a perfect (and fun!) way to try new ingredients, new formulas, and conveniently receive a new serum which was custom-made for the season at your doorstep! These limited release products are only available by pre-order. Pre-orders close on the 10th of each month, then will be made fresh and shipped the following week.

Pre-orders are now open for February's Serum of the Month! February's serum will be a luxurious and decadent blend featuring three of everyone's favorite ingredients: cacao, rose, and vanilla! But, not the synthetic fragrances of chocolate, roses, and vanilla that you see in most products... Nope, we'll utilize real Bulgarian rose absolute, cocoa and vanilla Co2 oils, and vanilla botanical extract in this limited-edition formula!

These exquisite and precious oils will be nestled within a blend of nourishing botanical oils including kukui nut oil, cherry kernel oil, organic pomegranate seed oil, and more. It will be a silky and delicate blend that soaks into skin effortlessly, leaving skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

Curious why most products contain fragrance oils of cocoa, vanilla, and rose instead of the real deal? Well, it's because these are three of the most expensive ingredients to source and can also be difficult to formulate with. Their synthetic alternatives are readily available, inexpensive, simple to use, and very strongly scented. For example. did you know that it takes 60 roses (5 dozen roses!) to make a single drop of rose essential oil? No wonder it's so costly to purchase true rose oil, and why most rose-scented products contain synthetic fragrances!

The essential oils of these plants are more delicately scented than synthetics, so expect a light and natural aroma from this facial serum with subtle and lovely notes of chocolate, roses, and vanilla - it will not be a strong "in your face" scent because we're utilizing real and natural ingredients instead of synthetic fragrances.

Here is a list of some of the key ingredients inside and a summary of their benefits:

Kukui Nut Oil: From Hawaii, kukui nut oil has traditionally been used to protect skin from the sun, salt, and harsh weather. This amazing and lightweight oil strengthens cellular skin bonds and creates a semi-permeable barrier which nourishes, protects, and helps with premature aging. High in essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and E.

Cherry Kernel Oil (organic): Belonging to the rose family, this incredible oil is pressed from cherry pits. It moisturizes and protects the skin, softens and nourishes skin cells, and naturally helps minimize the absorption of UV rays. This oil has therapeutic and protective properties, contains Vitamin A, E, antioxidants, omega-6 and 9, tocopherols, and contains many other skin-loving properties. 

Pomegranate Seed Oil (organic). One of the thickest, richest, and most luxurious oils, this oil is highly nutritious for the skin, balances, conditions, helps regenerate skin cells, increases elasticity of the skin, repairs damage, deeply penetrates, protects, and rebuilds collagen.

Bulgarian Rose Absolute: Rose oil helps rejuvenate cells, soothes, and assists with a variety of skin conditions. The scent "opens" the heart, helps remove conflict, heartache, sadness, anger, depression, fear, envy, and lack of confidence.

Cocoa Absolute: This oil smells like rich, pure, decadent chocolate! The delectable aroma is uplifting, comforting, soothing, and just makes you feel good.

Vanilla CO2 Oil: The irresistible aroma of vanilla is soothing, uplifting, calming, comforting, removes feelings of anger and frustration, and boosts confidence.

Vanilla Botanical Extract: A special process is used in making this sustainably sourced vanilla extract, giving it a rich, intense, vanilla aroma. Used to calm, soothe, promote relaxation, and release feelings of agitation and anger.

Geranium Essential Oil (organic). Balances all skin types, helps repair skin and skin conditions, believed to delay wrinkles. The scent relieves anxiety and stress.

Size: 1 oz glass bottle with black treatment pump.   

Pre-orders will close on February 10th, then will be made fresh and shipped the following week.


Size: 1 oz glass bottle with black treatment pump. 


How to use:  First, wash and dry your face with water or a gentle facial wash. Mist with 1-3 spritzes of facial toner and allow to air dry or gently pat dry with a soft washcloth. Finish by applying 1-2 pumps of facial serum.  Allow to absorb completely into skin before applying makeup or sunscreen. Use twice per day (morning/night) for best results.

If you are interested, but don't want to commit to a pre-order or subscription, please note that if we have any extra bottles after filling pre-orders, then they will be available on our website afterwards at a higher price.

To extend the shelf life, store in a dry, cool, and dark area. Direct light and heat will reduce the effectiveness and shelf life of the product.

Note: Some of the oils used in this product are very rich in fatty acids, and will naturally solidify in cold conditions. This is perfectly normal for these oils, and will not impact their quality or usage. If you wish to remove any solidified fats in your oil, the best way to do this is to place the entire bottle in a double boiler over low heat and allow the oil to slowly heat up. Once warm, any solidified particles will remelt.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please read Product + Ordering Info page before placing an order.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
richard whiting
...a tropical paradise for your skin

The medley of tropical oils brings the fragrance of guava and passion fruit to your skin. Allow the daily application to whisk you away to a tropical paradise.

Hi Richard Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so happy to hear how much you've enjoyed using this facial serum! I agree that the tropical aromas of this serum were extra special, and I absolutely loved creating this blend for you. Thank you so much for your support and for leaving such a wonderful review!
- Irene (Owner + Maker)

Ginger U
Excellent quality and craftsmanship

A great choice for natural skin care. I really enjoy using it.

Hi Ginger, Thank you so much for the wonderful review! We're so happy to hear how much you've enjoyed using this facial serum. :) Thank you so much for your support and feedback, we truly appreciate it! ~ Irene (Owner + Maker), Fawn Lily Botanica

Pamela Larson
Feels wonderful

I love the earthy scent and feel of this serum. It is light and makes my skin feel great!

Pamela, I'm so happy that you enjoyed this serum of the month! Thank you so much for the wonderful review, we truly appreciate the feedback and your support of our small business. :)
Irene (Owner + Maker), Fawn Lily Botanica

Ana Urquiaga
Amazing Floral Blends

One of my favorite serum, this month, the Floral Bouquet serum, is deliciously aromatic and refreshing. I love it’s viscosity, color and scent.

Ana, Thank you so much for the beautiful review! I'm so happy to hear how much you enjoyed May's serum, it really was a special blend! Your feedback is incredibly helpful, we truly appreciate it! Thank you again for the wonderful review and for your support of our small business. :)
- Irene (Owner + Maker), Fawn Lily Botanica

Ines S
Wonderful smell

The floral fragrance is such an unexpected experience. It’s like smelling super fresh flowers. I was a bit hesitant about the floral scent since the other brands can be so strong, this one is sweet but not overpowering, and the oils feel like the perfect blend. Absolutely delicious for the skin!

Ines, Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm SO happy to hear how much you've enjoyed using this facial serum! I don't like overly strong floral aromas either, and intentionally created this to be really beautiful and balanced with fresh, green, floral, earthy and sweet notes like a spring bouquet. :) I'm thrilled that you're so happy with your purchase, thank you for leaving such a wonderful review!
- Irene (Owner + Maker)