Conifer Recipes

Did you know that fir, spruce, and pine tips are amazing as a facial steam and taste delicious when brewed as a tea? Plus, they're loaded with Vitamin C! They're one of my favorite treats during the winter, but can be enjoyed year round. In fact, the fresh vibrant green tips are especially delicious in the springtime. These conifers are easily found in most wild places, and may even be growing in your own backyard or neighborhood!

Facial Steam

Place tips or trimmings into a large ceramic or glass bowl. Pour in boiling water, then cover with a towel and allow to infuse for a few minutes. Place the bowl on a table or other stable surface where you can comfortably sit, and hold your face over the bowl with a large towel draped over to trap in the steam. Make sure to keep your eyes closed and breathe in deeply to inhale the wonderful aroma. Steam for 10 minutes. Rinse your face with cool water afterwards and gently pat dry.


Fir, spruce, or pine tips make a delicious tea! Citrusy, bright, and refreshing. Place the tips in a tea strainer, pour boiling water over, and allow to infuse for 5-10 minutes. The flavor will be stronger the longer you steep. Strain, and enjoy!

For Fun

I love putting a fresh conifer sprig in white wine or champagne!  It gives beverages a fresh green and citrusy flavor which is absolutely delicious!

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