Introducing Seasonal Collection Sets!

Introducing Seasonal Collection Sets!

I'm over-the-moon excited to announce a new project that I have been dreaming up for a while... seasonal collection sets!  And, the very first one is now available by pre-order! 

The Spring Collection will be a special limited-edition collection of spring-inspired goods to celebrate the passing of winter and beginning of springtime.  Since the spring equinox is a time of change, rebirth, fresh energy, and cleansing, the items in the collection will reflect these themes.  Inside the collection, you'll find a special curation of products crafted to renew, refresh, invigorate, reset, and cleanse the body + mind.

I'll be offering a new set each season, featuring a collection of goods inspired by the shift in seasons, the historical significances of each equinox. The specially curated collection will be beneficial for nurturing and assisting the mind + body for each season.

The Spring Collection contains a really fun variety of products including limited-edition and brand new products!  You can view a full list of the items which will be included on our website.

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