Sustainably harvested silk sea facial sponges from Fawn Lily Botanica

New in the Shop!

I'm so excited to share this with you... We now have sustainably harvested silk facial sea sponges!  Silk sponges are the most luxurious sponges for facial care ~ they are soft, gentle, and can be used daily to exfoliate, cleanse, rejuvenate, plus contain natural minerals which are beneficial for the skin. They are a much better alternative than disposable pads or washcloths which can irritate and tear the sensitive facial skin.

We are carrying two silk sponges in the shop: Sea sponges from the Mediterranean region which are considered the best silk sponges in the world, and are prized for their silky texture, softness, and durability.  And, silk sea sponges from the Caribbean which have a slightly rougher texture and are more exfoliating.  Plus, we have bamboo holders to ensure that your facial sponges can properly dry between uses!  

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