Honey and herbs, natural skin care tips for mature skin

Natural Skin Care Tips for Mature Skin

Honey and Herbs, natural skin care tips for mature skin

Skin Care Tips for Mature Skin

As we age, our skin develops fine lines, wrinkles, loses its elasticity and tightness, and changes in texture. These changes begin in our thirties and progress as we continue to age. This is because our skin's production of collagen and elastin slows, and accumulated lifestyle and environmental damage (especially from the sun) begin to show. Skin cells simply don't regenerate as quickly as they do when we're younger, and unfortunately, no treatments can completely halt or reverse the process of aging.

None of us like seeing these changes, and although no one has discovered a real fountain of youth (yet!), there are some simple skin care practices that will help you maintain healthy skin as you age. Remember that you're beautiful just as you are and aging is part of the amazing person that you've become!

Skin Care Recommendations

About Mature Skin: Mature skin is often dry, but it can also be normal, oily, or combination. Winter can be especially tough for mature skin, as the extreme temperatures, dry air, wind, and harsh elements can increase dryness, sensitivity, and cause chapped, itchy, irritated, or flaky skin. Your skin will tell you what it needs, so if your skin has been extra dry lately, then be sure to keep a facial oil, serum, balm, or jar of shea butter on hand to moisturize throughout the day as needed. It can also be helpful to occasionally mist the air around you or lightly mist your face with water or a hydrosol if the air in your home or office is dry.

Cleansing: Use a gentle facial wash in the morning and at night. If your skin is dry or too sensitive for soaps, then simply use cold water to wash your face. We offer a Vanilla + Elder Flower Facial Wash for all skin types, and a Tea Tree + Juniper Facial Wash for oily and acne-prone skin types in our shop - both are very gentle and won't completely strip the skin of it's natural oils. Those with mature skin should avoid harsh cleansers and be sure to scrub gently if using a washcloth or cleansing pads.

Tone: Use a facial toner twice per day after washing your face, once in the morning and once at night. Our facial toners are perfect for all skin types, they are gentle and contain a blend of botanicals and herbal extracts which help balance and tone the skin, and cleanse pores. Alternatively, you can also use plain witch hazel extract or hydrosols to tone.

Moisturize: Use a facial oil/serum twice per day - once in the morning and once at night after applying facial toner. If your skin still feels dry after applying a facial oil/serum, then apply a facial balm or cream on top to seal in the moisture and further protect the skin. For dry skin, you may need to reapply either the facial oil/serum or balm throughout the day as needed. If the area around your eyes needs a little extra care, then apply an eye oil/cream like our Restorative Botanical Eye Elixir to help tone and nourish the delicate skin area around the eyes. We have a full line of facial serums and balms available on our website, most of which have been formulated with mature skin in mind.

Steam: Facial steams hydrate the skin, cleanse impurities from the pores, relax muscles, and stimulate circulation. The heat encourages pores to perspire and breathe while imparting moisture deep into skin layers, bringing oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin, and helping to release impurities, dirt, oils, makeup, and other pore-clogging impurities so that they can be more easily removed. After using, skin feels renewed, clean, hydrated, and has a radiant, fresh, and healthy glow. Plus, breathing in the aroma during a facial steam helps calm, relax, and relieve tension in the body and mind. Enjoy a facial steam once per week for skin health. From our shop, we recommend our Botanical Delight Facial Steam for mature skin, but you can also use ingredients from your kitchen or garden like green tea, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, roses, and chamomile.

Scrub: Facial scrubs are very important as they exfoliate away impurities, improve circulation, remove dead and dull skin cells, unclog pores, and help the skin better absorb moisture and hydration. We have a very gentle facial scrub in our shop, handcrafted with finely ground nuts, seeds, botanicals, grains, and clays which works perfectly for all skin types. It's recommended to do a facial scrub once per week. For daily care, we recommend gently exfoliating with a silk facial sea sponge.

Mask: Clay masks deeply cleanse, increase and improve circulation, naturally remove oils, impurities, tone and tighten skin, and bring a fresh glow to dull complexions. We offer a gentle clay mask in our shop crafted with three varieties of clays, powdered herbs, flowers, herbal extracts, and pure essential oils. It can be mixed with honey, yogurt, or milk for dry and mature skin types. If a clay mask is too drying for your skin, then opt for a simple honey mask instead! Honey masks are one of my all-time facial care treatments, and they're so simple and effective.

Sunscreen + Water: Don't forget to apply sunscreen and hydrate! These are two of the most important elements for skin care and overall health. Dietary supplements and vitamins, a healthy diet, exercise, and limiting alcohol consumption and cigarettes are also key to a healthy body and healthy skin.

Research: Most skincare products contain synthetic ingredients, chemicals, and artificial fragrances which can have adverse effects. Some of the manufactured ingredients are fine and can have beneficial effects on the skin, but be sure to do your research before using them. Even some natural ingredients can have adverse effects, and it's always a good idea to research ingredients before incorporating them into your skin care routine.

Did you know that you can shop by skin type on our website? It's a simple way to easily see all of the products that we recommend specifically for mature skin all in one place. Click on this link to check it out!


Natural Skin Care Tips for Mature Skin


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