Sustainably harvested cedar bundles for burning smudging from Fawn Lily Botanica

Sustainably Harvested Cedar Bundles

Cedar bundles are traditionally burned to cleanse, purify, eliminate negative energy, attract good energy, and bring protection. They are often burned when moving into a new home, but can also be used when there are blockages or conflicts in the home, during times of personal transformation and change, and as needed. I find that they are very helpful when I feel stuck or down due to negative emotions and need fresh and renewed energy, or during times of change and transformation. Cedar trees are old, wise, and powerful spirits, and bring protection. 

These cedar bundles were sustainably harvested from our own property.  I incorporated herbs from my garden into some of them, but only a sprig of two so that cedar is the main component. Each hand wrapped bundle is unique and measures 10-12 inches tall and 5-6 inches circumference.

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