• New in the Shop!

    New in the shop! We now have sustainably harvested silk facial sea sponges!  Silk sponges are the most luxurious sponges for facial care ~ they are soft, gentle, and can be used daily to exfoliate, cleanse, rejuvenate, plus contain natural minerals which are beneficial for the skin. Learn more here!
  • Conifer Recipes

    Did you know that fir, spruce, and pine tips are amazing as a facial steam and taste delicious when brewed as a tea? Plus, they're loaded with Vitamin C! They're one of my favorite treats during the winter, but can be enjoyed year round. In this article, I'm sharing three simple recipes that can be made with conifer tips!
  • Serum of the Month Club

    Did you know about our Serum of the Month Club? Every month, I create an exclusive facial serum only available by pre-order. These are unique, creative, and original formulas, made to correspond with the seasons. Learn more and how to join in on the fun!
  • Simple 3-Step Routine for Beautiful Skin

    While there are more complicated facial care routines available, this is my simple 3-step process which can be completed in just a few minutes each day for glowing, healthy skin!  I've also included the extra steps that I recommend indulging in every week or month to keep your skin at it's best. 
  • Favorite Spiced Chai Tea Recipe

    I'm sharing my favorite chai spiced tea recipe with you!  I love making this chai tea during the winter season, it warms the body and mind, and it just makes you feel good all over! And, in the summer months or in warmer climates, it can easily be made into an iced chai tea beverage. This recipe is endlessly adaptable and so good, try it out for yourself!
  • Simple Winter Skin Tips

    The winter season can be especially harsh on our skin. Cold frosty air, windy weather, and dry indoor heat can leave our skin out of balance, dry, irritated, and perhaps even a little chapped. Luckily, there are some simple DIY tips and recipes that you can use to help balance and nurture your skin throughout the season.